Francisco still recalls the smell of freshly cut Spanish cedar and cypress from his childhood in Huelva, Spain. While just a boy, he began apprenticing in furniture making under his godfather, learning skills that would last a lifetime. After high school, travels and studies in Hotel Administration interrupted his work in wood.

In 1973 while working at a prestigious hotel in Marbella, Spain, Francisco met Master Clyde Siggins, a renowned custom homebuilder in California. A kinship developed and during a visit to Siggins in the United States, Francisco decided to stay in Las Vegas, Nevada and abandon hotel work in favor of becoming a home builder as Clyde Siggins.

In 1980 travels to Hawaii he found a home away from home. Settling on Oahu, he continued his work in home remodeling and returned to furniture making. While researching how to create bedposts for a custom bed he had designed, he bought his first lathe. His life as a wood artist had begun.

Francisco starts with a design in mind, but as he interacts with the wood, he gently gives way to it. “The wood is alive and yet dead, and then comes alive again”, he explains. The spontaneity of his life fuels his creativity. “I am always in search of the ultimate expression, a mischievous quest for adventure and the unknown” he says. "I love the feeling of having done something new or different."

2015 Hawai`i Wood Show – “Honorable Mention
State Foundation on Culture and the Arts – "Acquisition Award"

Hawai`i Craftsmen – “Honorable Mention
State Foundation on Culture and the Arts – "Acquisition Award"

2014 Hawai`i Wood Show – “First Place Main Division

2013 Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce
     "Commitment to Excellence” Juried Exhibition:  Honorable Mention
     Hawai`i Craftsmen Acquisition Award by the Honolulu Art Museum
     Hawai`i Wood Show:- First Place, Open Division
State Foundation on Culture and the Arts – "Acquisition Award"
     Hawai`i Craftsmen – “The O'Neill Award of Excellence"

2011 Hawaii Craftsmen  Annual Juried Exhibition - INVITED ARTIST
     Hawai`i Wood Show – “Honorable Mention

2010 Hawai`i Wood Show – “Honorable Mention

2009 Windward Artist Guild Juried Exhibition – “Third Place”

2007 Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce “Commitment to      Excellence” Juried Exhibition:      - Honorable Mention
     - Acquisition Award
from The State Foundation on Culture and the     Arts.
     Association of Hawai`i Artist Juried Exhibition – “Third Place”
     Kim Taylor Reece Gallery Juried Exhibition – “Best in Show”
     Hawai`i Craftsmen Juried Exhibition – “Award of Excellence”
     Hawai`i Wood Show:
        - Acquisition Award  State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.
        - The Roger Skolmen Award

2006 Association of Hawai`i Artist Juried Exhibition – “Third Place”

2004 Hawai`i Wood Show – “Honorable Mention”

Hawai`i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts -
        Exhibition at the Hawaii State Art Museum.

2013, 2012, 2009, 2007, 2005, 2001
Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce "Commitment to Exellence" - Juried Exhibition

2015 - 2001 (consecutive annual)
Hawai`i Wood Show Annual Juried Exhibition -Honolulu, Hawai`i

2015 - 2000 (consecutive annual)
Hawai`i Craftsmen - Juried Exhibition, Honolulu, Hawai`i

Hawai`i Modern Masters Exhibition - Selected Artist - Luxury Row, Waikiki, Hawai`i
Honolulu Museum of Art - Invited Artist - First Hawaiian Center, Honolulu, Hawai`i Exhibition

Artists of Hawaii, Juried Exhibition at The Honolulu Academy of Arts
Windward Artists Guild – Juried Exhibition, Honolulu, Hawaii

Association of Hawaii Artists – Juried Exhibition, Honolulu, Hawaii

American Association of Woodturners – International Juried Exhibition at  The Oregon College of Arts, Portland, Oregon.
Kim Taylor Reece Gallery – Juried Exhibition, Honolulu, Hawaii

Ohio Craft Museum “The Best of 2005” – Juried Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio

Contemporary Hawaii Woodworkers by Tiffany DeEtte Shafto & Lynda McDaniel
Book: Hardcover, 224 pages  ISBN 061529944X
2 December 2009, Contemporary Publications

Although attached to the roots of Hawaiian traditional calabash style of wood working, I am an advocate of Abstract Expressionism and when creating a piece of wood art, I avoid any preconceived idea of how I want that piece to look like and instead I follow an unknown path created by a vision in my mind’s eye, and in this search for the ultimate expression, I free myself from any artistic rule or convention.

I hope that you like my work.

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